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Head in the Cloud‘s Consultant

Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems

About Me

I like to make things…

I build simple solution’s to complicated problems. I’ve worked for large organization’s and helped small business owners adapt and grow. I build solutions that enable and empower anyone to leverage cloud technology to accomplish their goals.

I created this place to share knowledge, write about my experiences with tech and document my dubious speculation along the way! My topics will cover tools and ideas.

I like to focus on collaboration. Connecting people with seamless interactions/exchanges between channels, stacks, mediums even paradigms. Full disclosure I love big ideas!

So if that hasn’t scared you off yet pull up a seat and stick around. Connect with me on the socials, follow all my things and reach out if you want to talk.

Why Work With Me

Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems

I help businesses transform. I’ve worked with business and government agencies of difference sizes and shapes! Reach out below and lets connect.


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